Why the No Carb Food Idea is Unhealthy and Should be Rejected

The no carb food idea (probably influenced by the weight loss craze) is a most unhealthy notion.

The basic question to ask is this: How can anyone live without carbohydrates - our primary source of energy.  Imagine a meal consisting of only sausages, fish, and other high protein, high fat content.

No Carb Food, Low Carb Food...

It is the same bad idea. Eliminating one food group from your diet spells malnutrition. Such diets can not be maintained for a long time. That would endanger your health.

In order to get energy, the body now has to convert fats and protein to glucose - something that some of the popular weight loss programs aim to do.

The American Diabetes Association recommends that anywhere from 45 to 65 percent of our diet should be carbohydrates. Carbs are important!

As a diabetic, I use as much as 75% high fiber complex carbohydrates (the anti-diabetes diet), because I need lots of energy for exercise without the blood sugar spikes.

A Crazy Idea!

The no carb food idea is a crazy one. It sounds like an extreme and desperate attempt to lose weight with a self-inflicted punishment that is not worth the sacrifice.

In fact, the whole idea of dieting to lose weight has been muddled by the many twists and variations that have come up recently.

Don't get tricked by the no carb food idea. Lose weight the healthy way.

For example, Dr. Richard Bernstein (who himself is a diabetic) recommends a low carb diet. Dr. James Anderson on the other hand has popularized the high fiber complex carbohydrate diet that helps not only diabetes patients but those with other lifestyle-related problems as well.

The no-carb food dieting concept is outside the stretch between low carb and high carb. It is a crazy idea. There is no way that diabetics can benefit from a no carb diet. No way.

One more thing...

Another way in which the no carb food dieting does not benefit us is from the fact that it does not constitute a lifestyle change so it won't give a lifelong lifestyle result. In fact, these diets that are so low in carbohydrates are usually high in proteins.

This extra demand on the body for protein metabolism places extra burden on the kidneys - a sacrifice that diabetics especially cannot afford to make.

Instead of no carb foods...

Eat foods that keep you filled longer but are complex enough to provide the right amounts of the necessary nutrients for a healthy life.

That means eliminating the no carb food concept and instead using complex carbohydrates. It gives you lots of fiber and suspends the hunger pains that usually cause you to snack.

The anti-diabetes diet is not a commercial concept. There are no products you have to buy. It's my suggestion of what has worked for me as a diabetic. It involves more than what we eat - it is a lifestyle change. Try it. It will do you good.

We need carbohydrate for energy. This is a fact, whether we are fat of slim. Americans are already undernourished and over-fed. We need a healing lifestyle, not no-carb food.

What we need is a balanced lifestyle - which includes eating the right foods, regular exercise, adequate amounts of water, lots of sunshine-stimulated vitamin D, moderation in our use of the good foods and abstinence from the harmful stuff.

We need lots of fresh air (less smog), get adequate rest, and trust our Creator to help us handle the things we cannot change.

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What is diabetes like?

Actually, diabetes is starvation, except that it occurs at the cell level. Individual cells are deprived of glucose and they eventually die.

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