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The 3 words early symptoms diabetes together, sound like the "prediabetes" label that has been used to describe early manifestations of type 2 diabetes. This term which implies a "pre"-diseased state is still used even by authoritative sources. These agencies define pre-diabetes as "impaired fasting glucose or impaired glucose tolerance," but note that those who have been declared as having type two diabetes also have "impaired glucose tolerance and impaired fasting glucose."

Maybe we should be looking at "symptoms of early diabetes" or symptoms of diabetes in newly diagnosed diabetics rather than declaring people as having pre-diabetes. The symptoms are the same in the early stages or the late stage - only to different degrees.

Don't wait to see the early symptoms diabetes will throw at you

Some people become convinced that they will have type two diabetes because they believe it is part of their genetic inheritance. That is self-defeating. Habits and ways of doing things do get passed on but behavior can be modified. No one has yet discovered a "diabetes" gene or "germ". In the vast majority of cases, this disease could have been prevented. This is true in my case, even though I have relatives who had the disease.

Know that the same things you need to do to prevent type two diabetes are the same measures we need to take in order to reverse the disease. Preventing the use of the three-word "early symptoms diabetes" label is staving off a whole list of related health issues - high cholesterol, heart disease, hypertension, etc. Most of us start to exercise, eat right, get adequate and proper sleep, and pay attention to food supplements after we see early signs of diabetes. Too late for prevention.

The key is to prevent now, instead of reacting later by trying to "control" it. How do I know this works? In my case, I changed my health habits and the symptoms disappeared. [A1c = 5.2% (April 2009); it has been 5.2 to 5.3 for the past 3 years, without medication]. Whether or not you have diabetes, by having an anti-diabetes diet and lifestyle (good health habits) now, you can either reverse the symptoms or prevent the onset of diabetes.

Changing our habits, however, is usually more difficult than it sounds. During the healthy times we deny we need to change anything. We also blame our parents for passing on the "tendency" to develop diabetes to us. But we fail to realize the **power** we have of changing our behavior until we are forced to do so, just to survive.

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Can the early symptoms of diabetes be misleading?

Sometimes the early symptoms of the disease can be misleading in another way other than being called pre-diabetes. Consider the frequent urination, excessive thirst, blurred vision, dry skin, tiredness, and other ailments that often accompany type two diabetes. Any of those can be due to something else. Any of those conditions can be indications of other problems - and if you have normal body weight or are fairly active, no one might readily suspect you have diabetes.

There is also more consolation in saying, I'm "pre-diabetic" than to face the realization that I am actually diabetic - the former is more conforting. But even in those early stages, those symptoms are more than just "discomforts". They are signs of debilitation and slow progressive internal damage, that always ends the same way - organ failure and death.

However, the numbers don't lie: If you have elevated A1c readings, are overweight, have poor eating habits (what and when you eat), are sleep deprived, etc, it will just be a matter of time before type two diabetes OR one of it's "cousins" - high cholesterol, high blood pressure - catches up with you. Don't go there!

Early symptoms of diabetes mean you already have diabetes, but you don't have to keep nursing those symptoms. Reverse them, take your health back... and do it without collateral damage. For those experiencing early symptoms diabetes there are safe ways of self help that complement proper medical intervention and can even remove the need for it when lifestyle modification is included.

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What is diabetes like?

Actually, diabetes is starvation, except that it occurs at the cell level. Individual cells are deprived of glucose and they eventually die.




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