Considering Chromium Picolinate, GTF Chromium, and Type II Diabetes Control

Chromium picolinate is the most popular chromium supplement said to be helpful in controlling type 2 diabetes.

Should you take chromium supplements as a preventative measure if you don't have diabetes? Or, do we need to include it in our diet if we already have diabetes? What is the relationship between chromium and diabetes, anyway?

Here are some important tidbits I have learned about this chromium supplement:

  • Experiments have shown that toenail samples from type 2 diabetic subjects were found to have less chromium than that from non-diabetic subjects.
  • Most chromium supplements (like many other multivitamin and mineral supplements) are poorly absorbed.
  • Chromium picolinate is the form of the element that is most readily absorbable by the body.
  • Still, there are concerns over the use of the picolinate form of the supplement, especially with depression and similar conditions.
  • There is a form of the supplement that is better than chromium picolinate caplets. It's called GTF Chromium 4000. The GTF means "glucose tolerance factor". The GTF chromium supplement is better absorbed by the body than the picolinate I used that supplement along with Gymnema Sylvestre, and the results were amazing. I still have not found the need to finish the whole packet, because my glucose levels have been normalized.
  • GTF chromium is made from yeast extracts - it is said to be a biologically active form of chromium.

Some researchers feel that chromium supplements do not help the diabetic condition. So there are opposing opinions on the subject.

My position is this: If I have type 2 diabetes and the research is showing that the level of chromium in by body is lower than that of people who do not have diabetes, then I would go with the supplementation.

The picolinate is really cheap. I paid less than $10 for 60 caplets (a two month supply). GTF chromium is a bit more expensive, BUT I switched to that form (and strongly recommend it) since is it the more biologically active form. It also does not have the potential side effects associated with the picolinate.

What is the action of the mineral chromium in the diet?

Chromium is said to play a vital role in blood glucose and fat metabolism. If you remember, dietary and body fat have been shown to be at the root cause of adult (type 2) diabetes.

Chromium picolinate, GTF chromium and other supplemental forms of the element are considered important in preventing deficiency of one of the 15 important trace elements needed by the body.

GTF chromium is said to have an "insulin-like" behavior in carbohydrate and fat metabolism.

What foods may prevent chromium deficiency?

Some researchers think that the poor quality of soils have caused lower levels of bioavailable chromium.

NOTE: If you are concerned about the biochemistry of the element, it is the Cr(III) form that is important in the diet. It is good to get trace elements through our food.

Brewer's yeast is rich in chromium and can be added to your cereal or to your salad. I buy Brewer's yeast and nutritional yeast flakes at my neighborhood whole foods market.


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What is diabetes like?

Actually, diabetes is starvation, except that it occurs at the cell level. Individual cells are deprived of glucose and they eventually die.

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